Home Feels Good, But Different!


On the way back to California. During a stop in Tennessee.

When I took the road a month ago, I had envisioned myself not being out of my home in California for more than two weeks. However, I remember someone saying: “If you want to make God laugh, show him your plans.” That is true. My stay on the road took more than 3 weeks, but I had so many good experiences that I am happy that God laughed at my plans. He or she (or it) had better plans.

I am now back home. I have not yet finished writing about all the lessons I have learned from this project, but I eventually will, one article at a time. No matter how long it will take, it will get done.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the success of the journey. The Hall of Fame has a list, even though not exhaustive, of people who have helped me on this project, directly or indirectly. https://theroadtrippingtoastmaster.wordpress.com/hall-of-fame/

I am now back home and I had never been out of my California home for this long. It sure feels good to be home, but different!

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